5 Hobbies That Can Help You Earn Money

Having a hobby is beneficial for our health for many things, but one of the most important benefits is that it helps us to disconnect enormously from our day to day. When practicing a hobby we are dedicating part of our time to certain activities that are not related to or are different from the usual worries and problems that our routine can generate, such as anxiety. In addition, it favors the growth and development of our personal potential since these are activities that we do not carry out for any economic purpose, simply for the mere fact of enjoying them.

That hobby that you love to do so much to relax could bring you a little extra money, not bad for the times in which we live. We all have hobbies to clear our minds or be more creative, ranging from reading graphic novels to painting and designing our own cell phone cases.

But had you thought that maybe your hobby could bring you extra money? Yes, you read that right! And in today’s article, we tell you how to take advantage of your hobbies to increase your earnings. Interested in learning more? Take note!

1.Cooking and Pastry

If you love cooking and your favorite pastime is all about making delicious dishes and desserts, take advantage of it by offering products and cooking classes.

Create your own online page with a website or a Facebook or Instagram profile to sell your creations, from themed cakes to seasonal dishes at home.

If you don’t have a lot of time to order and cook, you can offer online cooking classes once a week.

Using Zoom or Google Meet, bring your class together, submit the list of ingredients to be used, and share your best techniques.

A tip that can help you is that each week you teach a different dish that is related to the time of year.

2.Books and Comics

If what you enjoy most in your free time is reading, why not share your impressions about books with the rest of the people?

Through YouTube you can create a channel inspired by literature and comics where you talk about the book you are reading and if you recommend it. On your channel, focus on building a community, partnering with publishers, and then monetizing your content. If you are constant, in a matter of months you will be able to obtain your first profits.

3.Painting and Art

If you are an art and painting lover, it is time to create your own business from what you create.

You can make paintings on request, illustrations for publications and even design and sell decorative items. Also if you have seen that your friends and family are buying mandalas or coloring books that help reduce stress, why not create your own and sell it?


In this pandemic, many people are taking advantage of their free time to learn new things, especially online courses. If you are a super dedicated person and an expert in different languages, encourage yourself to teach online. Use your free time to teach English, French or Portuguese and earn extra money.


If in your free time you love to edit videos and photos for your family and friends, don’t you think it would be a good idea to start charging for your services?

Through social networks, make all your work known and promote everything you can do. Expand your community and you will see that in a short time you will publish and earn money.

Invest in your time and take advantage of your hobbies by turning them into businesses. So what’s your favorite hobby? Do you think you can turn it into one that will make you earn money? Let us know in the comments below.






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