4 To Know About Having Crochet As A Hobby

Crochet has been around since the late Middle Ages, but it continues to thrive to this day. Indeed, many revivals in the styles adopted and in the tools used have revived the love of this “art” that continues to grow in the world of fashion and decoration.

This evolution is such that we can even consider making it our profession. But then, how can we do it if we know nothing at all about this practice? Well, there are methods and ways that will allow you to master it in such a short time.

The beginning of crochet


Contrary to what you might think, crochet is far from being difficult. All you need is a good learning curve to progress quickly. Moreover, unlike knitting, crochet is much easier to handle because its stitches are formed one by one. Whereas with crochet, you have to form a long series of stitches on a needle, which is very difficult for a beginner to master because you have to make a flawless one for the series of stitches.

If you lose one of them, you are forced to catch it. This notion of ease does not stop there because using only one needle to crochet is a considerable plus for a beginner. Indeed, it allows him to handle the thread and the tool easily, and the gesture becomes fluid very quickly.

The gestures to master


For the gestures themselves, simply hold the hook in your dominant hand (either the right hand if you are right-handed or the left hand if you are left-handed) as if you were holding a pencil. The other hand will then hold the yarn and stitches in formation. Start by forming a loop, then move on to another loop, linking them together, and so on.

You will have what is called a “chain” in the jargon. To do this, form a knot with your yarn, then insert the needle in the middle and grab another yarn with the curved end of the hook to pull it through and form a new loop. This is the very basis of the hook, from which you will form the different stitches.

The necessary tools


To achieve good results, you will need a few tools, mainly hooks. There are different sizes of hooks that you need to have if you really want to level your designs. This ranges from 0.6 mm to 1 cm in diameter. And if the size does not count, or little in crochet, the variation is only 12 cm to 20 cm ranging from the finest to the largest.

Play on the stitches


Stitches are where you’ll really make a difference. To begin with, you’ll have to learn the basic stitches, but once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll finally be able to make your work take on some very stylish and neat shapes and turns. To give you even more ease in the realization, but also and above all, for the success of your hooks, you must know how to associate the hooks and threads.

So, here are some reference brands to help you explore the thread. There is Clover for the Americans, Prym for the Europeans, Knitpro, which makes both crochet and crochet needles. You will undoubtedly find what you need and what suits your style among these brands, but you can always choose others according to your needs.

Crochet is an actual fun activity to do when you start to get the hang of it, and you can make some really thoughtful and personalized gifts with it when you get good at the craft. Sound off in the comments section and tell us if you want to take crochet as a hobby or turn it into a future job.



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