18 Celebrities With Weird Hobbies

Having hobbies is the most normal thing globally since we all like to have something to do in our spare time. But, unfortunately, our hobbies are sometimes limited by money, which we have, but that is not a problem for famous people. Therefore, today we want to show you some strange hobbies that celebrities have and can afford thanks to their great fortunes.


1 – Nicolas Cage – Superman

Nicolas Cage was going to be the one to play Superman before Tim Burton took over the project. Since then, the actor has been obsessed with this character and has an extensive collection of figures, toys, costumes …


2 – Mike Tyson – Palomas

The well-known boxer has among his hobbies, pigeon racing. So much so that every year he goes to Ontario, California, where a pigeon race is held with the best breeds in the world.


3 – Mila Kunis – WoW

The actress has always proclaimed from the rooftops her love for video games, especially the World of Warcraft. Kunis spends hours playing online with people from all over the world who don’t know who she is, as she uses a nickname.


4 – Angelina Jolie – Knives

The collection of knives that Angelina Jolie owns ranges from daggers from thousands of years ago to current knives from the movies she has shot.


5 – Johnny Depp – Barbie Dolls

In numerous interviews, the actor has stated that he is a fan of these types of dolls and that he loves to play with them. Depp has dolls of the characters he has played on the big screen and other celebrities like Beyoncé or Marilyn Monroe.


6 – Quentin Tarantino – Board Games

Tarantino has a collection of board games inspired by television series. Everyone who has seen the size of the collection assures that it is impressive.


7- Paris Hilton – Frogs

The heiress to the Hilton empire enjoys her free hours hunting frogs on her ranches. However, Paris claims that once he tracks and studies them, he returns them to nature, making it an innocuous practice.


8 – Jennifer Garner – Saxophone

During an interview with Vanity Fair, the actress stated that her saxophone is named ‘Sally’.


9 – Susan Sarandon – Ping Pong

When he is not working, he is playing ping pong. His passion for this sport is such that he has even opened a dedicated bar in Chicago.


10 – Azealia Banks – Witchcraft

This model is known for her eccentricities, but the biggest revelation of her hobbies came in 2016 when she said that she practices witchcraft and has a room in her house dedicated to animal sacrifices. In one of the videos that she uploaded to her Instagram account, you could see the blood in the room, and the rapper explained that she has been practicing this practice for three years.


11 – Leslie Mann – Unicycle

Not only does she love to drive one, but she’s also an expert, has been practicing since she was ten years old.


12 – Taylor Swift – Snow Globes

The successful pop singer has many hobbies and music, especially those that have to do with crafts. When Christmas rolls around, Swift is known for making her own snow globes to gift her closest friends and family.


13 – Rod Stewart – Model Train

More than a hobby, the rock star has an obsession with model trains since he confessed in an interview that when he goes on tour, he reserves a second hotel room to store his models.


14 – Nick Offerman – Carpentry

In the Parks and Recreation series, his character loved carpentry so much that he made his own furniture, but the truth is that in the reality of his house, the same thing happens.


15 – Jay Leno – Cars

Therefore, the television presenter has a great fortune and therefore does not hesitate to invest part of that money in the collection of cars that he often walks around Los Angeles.


16 – Shailene Woodley – Healthy Food

Woodley has an unconditional love for all-natural products, which is why he makes his own medicines, cheese, and other foods.


17 – Bob Barker – Karate

Barker is a huge fan of karate, and during his years of training, one of his teachers was Chuck Norris himself.


18 – David Arquette – Point

Arquette has declared that she likes to knit, knit, and everything that has to do with threads and needles on many occasions.


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